Polyurea Garage Floor Coating: Why It’s the Better Choice

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Many homeowners gravitate towards epoxy flooring when choosing a material for their garage. However, the popular option is not always the best one. You might think it does not matter because concrete is concrete. However, concrete is not indestructible. Depending on what you use your garage for, the choice is just as important as the finish. At Revival Concrete Coatings, we are here to explain why a polyurea garage floor coating will win every time.

Polyurea Coating vs. Epoxy

Polyurea is a surface-coating material that is derived from polyurethane. It excels at protecting several types of floor surfaces and is appealing because of its durability. On the other hand, epoxy coatings are a form of polymers. Epoxy is a synthetic resin that is applied on top of concrete surfaces. It is known for its appearance and decorative finish.

Why Polyurea Is the Better Option

When it comes to your garage floors, you want the flooring option that will last the longest and be the most protective. With polyurea flooring, you have a wide variety of finishes to choose from, so you will not need to compromise style for appearance.

Here is a more in-depth description of the benefits of this garage floor coating option.


Unlike epoxy flooring, polyurea does not easily chip, fade, or stain. No matter what you use your garage for, you can rest assured that the floors will be protected from it all. With polyurea flooring, your garage will be able to withstand the weight of your vehicle, the stains from your DIY projects, and the scratches from your collection of storage boxes.

Your floors will look and function better for a longer time because it will take a lot of pressure to damage your floors.


Polyurea garage floor coating is incredibly moisture-resistant. This is primarily due to the fact that this material is non-porous. This feature makes it very easy to clean without worrying about water getting trapped where it should not be.

You also don’t have to worry about stains. This is because there is nowhere for them to be absorbed. Even after sitting for a while, you can clean up messes with ease.


In a garage, there is always the potential that something falls or leaves the floor slippery. Polyurea garage floor coating is significantly less slippery than epoxy. Not only do you have a short wait to dry after cleaning your garage floors, but it also has a non-slip finish, making it safer for yourself and your family.

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